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::: Anglet Pyrenees Atlantique France

Close to La Barre beach and directly at the Adour river is a RV park.
The surface is gravel, and there is a toilet present, and you can fill and empty your tanks.
It's a minute walk to the ocean, and a 1 hour walk to biarritz.
There isn't a supermarket or baker close by so grab your cornflakes.
There is a Mac and some other restuarants at the beach.
This is a great spot when you like to surf or seafishing
Price is Euro's a day. this spot has changed a lot, all the facilities are gone, and is has gotten smaller now there is room for about 50 RV's.
--- August 2007 ---

port albret

::: Vieux Boucau - Port d'Albret Aquitaine France

This little town has got a harbor and a really nice centre. The trailepark is a bit simple and costs 10 euros a night. A public toilette is close by.
It takes about 5 minutes to walk to the beach.
You can rent bikes, cano's and windsurfgear, so if there are no waves you can start windsurfing in the rivermouth.
The waves at the beach nearby the camperspot are mostly small. You have to go to the entrance of the harbor for better waves. This is a long walk.

::: Biscaross Aquitaine France

At the nord of Biscarosse is a campsite. Between this campsite and the ocean is a trailers park. Nice shadow rich places under the pinetrees. The beach is a two minute walk from the parking.
It is possible to use the facitities of the campsite.
The costs are 7 euro's a night.
Nice quiet beach with a good surf.

::: Capbreton Aquitaine France

A little below Hossegor is Capbreton. The trailer park is very big and with all the features. (showers are at the beach).
It is a 1 minute walk to the beach.
In the evening someone comes by to collect the money (8 euros).
The baker brings fresh bread in the morning.
This beach is also called VVF (Very Very Fast). So the waves can be hollow and fast.
There is als a kite-surf area at the beach.


::: Carcans-plage Aquitaine France

Above Lacanau is the little town Carcans-plage, the service area and parking is located beside the camping municipal.
Costs are about 12 euros a night. There is a gate at the entrance of the parking and security at night. A very safe place.
It is a 3 minute walk to the beach. There are good waves overhere, only a bit smaller as in Lacanua. Wich counts for everything.
You can als kite-surf at the beach. The town has one supermarket and a few shops and bars, you can get internet acces in the bar located at the square and at the campsite.
--- august 2007 ---

::: Mimizan plage Aquitaine France

This camperspot is situated at the south of this village, it has got a shower and public toilet. There is a service point where you can fill and dispose water.
The trailerpark is right next to the chopper landing zone off the coastguard.
But the noise of a chopper is not the worst, a foul smell from nearby paper factories when winds are blowing offshore. Rejoice.. it's blowing offshore.
The costs are 10 euros a night.

::: Moliets Aquitaine France

In the middle of the small town Moliets is this RV park. about 4 min. walk from the ocean. It is a very simple spot with only a water tap and no disoposalpit. There are public toilets in the village.
Take caution because the bottom is very sandy, so don't get stuck.
The beach is just like all the others in Aquitaine. And there are a lot of cyclin lanes.
The nightlife is very alife in this town, so when there are no waves go to moliets.
Costs are 6 euro a day, and there is limit of 48 hour.

::: Montalivet Aquitaine France

You are not allowed to spend the night at the beach in Montalivet.
The trailerpark is in front of the camping municipal.
It is a 15 minute walk to the beach from this spot.
You are able to use the facilities of the campsite (wc and showers).
The costs are about 10 euros a night.
The road in front of this spot is a busy road.


::: Fromentine Vendee

The spot under the bridge at noirmoutier is closed (fence). another free spot close to Noirmoutier is Fromentine.
This is also a real nice kitespot.
The waves are never big overhere, and standing dept everywhere so this is a perfect beginners kitespot. You are allowed to kite here all year.

--- august 2008 ---


::: Guidel Bretagne France

Close to Lorient is Guidel plage. The trailerpark overhere is just behind the dunes.
At the back of "ecole de surf de Bretagne" , you can get freshwater and dispose your dirty water. A public toilet is also present.
Right next to the parking is a halfpipe, so bring your skateboard along.
There are a few restaurants, a pub and a supermarket within 20 meters.
You can park here for free.

-- august 2007 ---


::: Cameret s'Mer Bretagne France

You can't get further to the west in france. Cameret is a lovely french fishing village.
Wich is surrounded by menhirs and other monuments
Due to strong currents from the Channel there are fast and hollow waves.
The RV park is next to the camping municipal (community).
You are able to use the facitlities of the campsite.
At the RV park you can get water and dispose waste(water).
Costs are 2 euro's a day
At the mainseason it can get crowded.


::: Quiberon Bretagne France

The fake isle Quiberon has got many parkingspots for your camping car.
The official site is at Kerne at the end of the isle. (costs are 2 euro's)
There is als a parking at the end of the road that leads to this isle.
Waves are at best at Port-Blanc and Port-Rhu.
A lovely isle to walk over the rocks and beaches and watch seaguls.





::: Criel-plage

Just below Le Treport is the little village Criel-plage.
The parking is located directly at the beach.
There is only a rubbish-container present.
And the beach is stones, so not suitable for kitesurfing, and there are also no waves.


--- August 2007 ---

Dives sur mer

::: Dives sur Mer

This stretch of coasline below Le Havre does not have much parking for campingcars.
This one in Dives is for free and located at the Harbor.
Most campsites even charge you 25 euro for one night wiht your RV.
The beach is located at 700 meters. And there is a restaurant located.

--- August 2007 ---


::: Trouville Normandie France

Trouville is a nice little town close to Le Havre, the trailerpark is at the marina. But mostly this place is packed, you can also park at the Boulevard (at the back of the casino).
You have to pay for the parking till 19:00.
This is also a safe place, because the station of the gendarmerie is just next to the hotel.
The town look a bit like scheveningen (Holland) it has a lively boulevard, lots of bars, shops, restaurants and a fishmarket.

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