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::: Niedersachsen :::    

::: Lingen

This spot is located at the lindenstrasse. When you're coming from the 31 an head for the centre of town you see the mobilhome sign after you cross the first bridge at the lindenstrasse. This parking has got a lot of facilities, and lot of space for at least 10 mobilhomes. you have to pay 1 euro for waste disposal or water inlet and 50 cents for 2 hours of electricity.


::: Kiel

When travelling to Norway or Sweden it is really convieninent to take the ferry from Kiel (germany) to Gotenborg (sweden). This is only a few euros more expensive than the bridge at danmark. And it saves you a lot of miles travelling, while you are resting, eating and taking a shower.
Check out the site www.stenaline.com

::: NordRhein Westfalen :::    

::: Tecklenburg

On the L504 is a parking called bismarckbucht (close to bismarkhohe). there is room for 5 mobilhomes. No facilities and no charge.
From here it is a 1 km. walk to the town center and it is located directly at some nice walking trails.
You are als allowed to do these trails on a mountainbike.



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