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::: Hoogeveen

Hoogeveen is a little town in Drenthe with lots of beautifull cycling lanes.
It is allowed to park in front of the soccerfields. But recently there is an official parking for motor-homes.
It is located at the Terpweg next to sportscentre "Het Noord".
Showers and toilets are located at the centre
It is a simple parking, but quied not so noisy as at the soccerfields.



::: Nieuwlande

2 kilometers south of the small town Nieuwlande is this beautifull parking. It is open from the 1th of april till the end of october There is room for a max of 6 rv's no longer than 7,5 meters. Costs for one night is 5 euro's.
This town is betweem Emmen and Hoogeveen. A good place to go cycling in the cycle department of holland.

GPS 52.40'44 N en 6.36'43 O


::: Breezanddijk

On the middle of the afsluitdijk is Breezanddijk.
The little port on the other side as the gas-station has also lots of room to park and spend the night.
Coming from Den Helder this is the first stop after The Monument.
It can be very windy over here, but behind the dyke it is shelterd. And for free.



::: Mirnse klif

Located directly behind Mirnse klif. is a beautifull campsite
You can camp here for 9 euro's a night, and a shower costs 50 cent.
It is a 100 meter walk to the water.
With south, southwest and west wind it is best to kitesurf overhere.
From the campsite you have a great view across the lake, so you don't have to get out of bed to check the spot.




::: Waterloo

This is a mobilhome pitch on the farm. Close to the ijsselmeer, and other smaller lakes.
So this is perfect for cycling. Check their site for more info

GPS 52.55'39.5 N en  5.35'43.5 O


::: Workum

Between the nice town Workum and It Soal (ijssemeer) is this farmerscampsite.
This site is called Suderse (to get there follow It Soal, and when youre almost at It Soal you'll see a sign with Suderse). This is a kiterfriendly site, tell him you are a kiter and you get a reduction.
The owner is planning to make also a mobilhome pitch.


::: Wijk aan Zee

Directly at the nordseachannel, under the smoke of Corus and at the nordsea is this camperspot.
Also close to Timboektoe and aloha (two famous beachclubs).
When you are at Wijk aan Zee just follow the directions Zuiderstrand and continu driving till you cant go any further.
The sign at the parking says you can only park here for max 3 of days.

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