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::: Refsnes Beach

Between Brussan and Vik is Refsnes Beach (There is a sign at the 507)
You can spend the night at the parking off this beach. (free of charge)
Refsnes is a beautifull bay. Nice surfing overhere if there is a southwest swell.
It is about 50 meters from the parking to the beach.
And a supermarked is located at the 44, this is about 5 kilometres.

GPS: N 54 54.832 E 9 22.924


::: Haugesund

In Norway it is allowed to camp everywhere in your motorhome. The only problem is there are not that many parkinspot. The country exists mostly out of water and real mountains.
So In Haugesund you can park in the harbor, only most people dont like harbors (to crowded early in het morning.
So behind the statemonument in Haugesund is a beautifull campsite
The costs ar 150 krones for a night and a extra 50 for electricity and 50 for internet.

GPS: N 59 25.844 E 5 14.793


::: Hoddevik

The most beautifull spot on the entire planet.
The campsite overhere costs 50 krones. And therefore you get an real authentic toilet and water.
The road to acces this bay surrounded with mountains is narrow and steep. So take it easy cause this is the most relaxed spot of Norway.
Beautifull waves rolling in, bleu water, high mountains and a fixed bbq.
Check www.stadsurfing.com for more info

GPS N 59 25.878 E 5 15.405


::: Geiranger

There is a campsite at the Geiranger Fjord. But is is also possible park at the gravelroad next to the campsite, or at the harbor on the other side of the campsite.
There are a lot of toilets and souvenirshops in this town.
The road that lead to Geirange is the most scenic mountianroad of Norway (trollstigen).
Lots of fish at this fjord, so grab you fishingrod.
From the ferry you can withness some of the most famous waterfalls of Norway.

GPS : N 62 5.502 E 7 13.099


::: Hemsedal

Hemsedal is the biggest ski-area of Norway. So when there is no snow you can park on one of the many parkings at te station.
In the summer the lifts are also open for hikers and bikers.
There are al lot of mountainbike routes, you can get a free map at the tourist info

GPS N 59 25.678 E 5 15.405

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