::: Introduction

The purpose of this site is to help surfers in europe to find a spot to park your van.
All the parking spots are visited by myself. You can find info on prices and facilities, but also some info on the enviroment and waves.
I used to be travelling in a old Volkswagen van. This was a pop-top camper with a genuine boxer engine in the back
Absolutly a perfect van. Only a bit small when you are travelling with a few people, surfboards and bikes.
So i bought a bigger van, a real mobil home.
I know it aint a cult van like the volkswagen, but it is 4 times bigger.
The Hymer B544 takes me around europe like flying around the world in a private jet.
I now can take a warm shower and don't have take one the beach.
It has got a heater, boiler, bike-rack, roof-rack and cruise control.
Now i'm able to camp in the winter, just mount my boars on the roof and drive of to the alps.

Every holiday i will visit different service area's, so this site will grow to a valuable resource for boarders

So when you also know a parking spot for mobil homes in the surrounding of the ocean or a great ski-piste just let me know and i will post it on this site.
Pleas mailto: info@campingcar.nl

Kind Regards,

Jitze van der Vinne

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